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Net10 Wireless is another big player in the prepaid game.  With widespread coverage, large phone selection, easy-to-navigate plans and commitment to an affordable wireless experience, Net10 Wireless is an attractive option for prepaid wireless users. offers a variety of Net10 Wireless phones to meet the needs of all wireless users.


With a quick visit to the Net10 Wireless website users can view the widespread coverage maps on the various networks partnered with by Net10 Wireless.  Net10 Wireless has partnered with the country's top four carriers to bring users superior network quality among leading prepaid options.  Users can experience the same dependable coverage of the contract big players, without the hassle of being locked in to a commitment.

When users view the coverage maps on the website they will find that Net10 Wireless uses GSM and CDMA, the two most common technologies for mobile communication.  NET10 Wireless is the only company that offers both technologies, in order to bring the best coverage to all users, regardless of where in the country they are located.


Net10 Wireless boasts the tagline, “Your Phone, Your Way”.  NET10 Wireless makes it simple for users to find their phone and start calling, texting, surfing, sharing and saving immediately.  Net10 Wireless offers the option of new Android™ smartphones, or users can keep their current phone using the signature Bring Your Own Phone product.  


​Whether it’s just you shopping for wireless options, or if you need a plan for your whole family, Net10 Wireless offers a variety of plans suitable for any household situation.  Users can pay by the month or pay as they go; but according to Net 10 Wireless, users will “never, ever pay more than the minutes and data they use”.   Net 10 Wireless offers monthly talk, text and data plans – as well as in international plan option as an add-on.  There is also the auto-refill option that will save a few bucks and ensure there is no lapse in connectivity or coverage.  There are also 30-day plans that give users more than just minutes.  Wireless customers also get international and 411 calling, picture messaging, and web and email access.  Pay-as-you go plans also include international calling and unused minutes carry over into the next month.

For those users who may start small, but find themselves in the market for a bigger, better mobile device, Net 10 Wireless also offers “upgrade points” that can be used towards upgrade plans.  Once Net 10 Wireless customers collect 18 Upgrade Points, they’ll find themselves eligible for up to a $300 Phone Upgrade Discount that can be used towards an eligible Net 10 Wireless device.


Mobile Hotspots

Net10 Wireless also offers signature Mobile Hotspot plans, which offer convenient connectivity and usage in any of the countless mobile hotspots found all over the country.  Hotspot plans are as affordable as $10 for 500 MB of data; or as inclusive as $50 for 5 GB of data.  (Valuable data usage and conservation tips can be found here:

Affordable options, device selection and wide coverage make Net 10 Wireless an attractive option for any customer.  With its user-friendly setup and top-notch customer support, Net 10 Wireless just may be the prepaid option for you!