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The New Boost Mobile Rate Plans Explained

Posted by Adam D on

Boost Mobile revamped their rate plans last month, so what does that mean for you? Well if you like saving money and not having to worry about overages or hidden fees, the new rate plans are great news! If you are not interested in saving money or you do not want to get upset with how much you are paying another carrier, you might want to stop reading now.

Boost Mobile now offers two rate plans, a $30 plan (Starter) and a $50 plan (Unhook’d). The only difference between the two rate plans is how much high speed 4G LTE data you want. The $30 plan includes 1GB of high speed data and the $50 plan includes Unlimited high speed data. Yes, I said UNLIMITED high speed data.

No matter which rate plan you choose you receive Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and Unlimited Data. Which means no matter how much you talk, text, surf, post, share, snapchat and so on, you will never pay an extra penny or have your services turned off. You also receive free 411, call waiting, voicemail and three way calling (when you need to talk to more than one person at a time).

Boost Mobile also includes the ability to turn your phone into a Mobile Hotspot with your rate plan! There is nothing worse than being in a spot with your tablet or laptop and not having a secure or reliable internet connection. No worries with Boost’s new rate plans. There is a cap of 8GB of mobile hotspot data (and it does draw from your high speed data pool).

You will also receive Data Free Music which allows you to stream music from a variety of music providers without it counting against your data. Not much of a concern if you choose the $50 Unhook’d plan, but for those who choose the Starter plan, this is a great feature. The music providers are Pandora, iHeartRadio, Slacker, 8tracks, Napster and Spotify.

With Boost’s new rate plans, they also made it easier to have multiple lines and save a ton of money! You can now add additional lines to your account for only $30 a month! Obviously this is not a savings for the Starter plan, but if you have two lines at the $50 Unhook’d plan you only pay $80 instead of $100! Over a course of a year that is $240 in savings for each additional line you add. Now Boost calls this a family plan, but you can sign up with your friends or people you know to get in on the savings. (You can link up to 5 lines, just in case you were wondering).

As always with Boost Mobile, there is no annual service contract or contract of any kind. You can stay as long or as short as you like as you only pay for your months of service upfront. This also means you can upgrade to a new phone at any time with no penalties or fees. Just purchase the phone you want and transfer it to your account.

Believe it or not, there are two more ways to make your monthly plan even cheaper: Auto Boost and Boost Dealz. With Auto Boost you just need to put a valid credit card on file for your account and have your monthly payment automatically applied and Boost will give you a $5 discount each month! This applies to both plans and even the family plan savings. You can opt out of this at any time, so this is a no brainer and will save you $60 a year.

With Boost Dealz, you need to download an app from the Google Play Store and Boost will serve you advertising content directly on your phone. If you sign up for Boost Dealz, this will save you another $5 a month on your plan. Combine this with Auto Boost and you can save S10 a month! The new rate plans alone are arguably the best in the market and these discounts just make it even better.

Finally, Boost also offers a few add-ons if you want additional features: Boost TV, International Calling and Phone Insurance (for those of you prone to drop testing your device or wanting to see if your phone is waterproof). Let us know below in the comments if you have any questions on the new plans or share your savings with other customers. As always, check here first for your new phone for the most savings!

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  • Placed my order and it arrived exactly when they sd it would. I luv my LG Stylus Note 2. U can’t beat the price 4 this smart phn.

    Sylvia Casarez on

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