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Google App: Demo of Google Voice Commands for Android Phones

Posted by Terry Richards on

Voice commands have come a long way since Apple’s inception of the witty and all-knowing Siri. Siri didn’t invent the wheel, but she definitely inspired the trend; and as we see more and more Androids in the hands of fellow technology fans, she’s no longer the only popular game in town.

Google NowLeading the pack for Android users is Google Now or “OK Google” (via the Google app itself). As fellow Internet research enthusiasts are already aware, Google really does know all. Now Google’s wealth of information is at our fingertips; and as long as we have our Android in hand, there is no need to peck away at the touch screen to gain the knowledge we seek. With Google Now you can “search for [anything really]”, ask “what is [the meaning of life]”, wonder aloud “where do [babies come from]”, find out “will it [rain today]”, and the list goes on, indefinitely.

Google Now will also do things for you. You can command Google Now to make calls, send texts or WhatsApp messages, open apps, play music, record videos, take pictures, turn functions on/off, create an event, use the flashlight, etc. Once you become familiar and comfortable with voice commands and all their simple convenience, there really is no turning back. It would be interesting to notice how many people are actually talking to (or bossing) their phones on the subway, as opposed to communicating with an actual person on the other side.

With the “flip a coin” command, your Android can even make decisions for you. 

To try other commands used in our video say "OK Google" and after the beep say:
Recipes for [food name]
Where's the closest [business name]
How tall is [famous person]
How many calories in [food or drink]
Text [contact name]
How long does it take to get to [destination name]
Set an alarm for [time+AM/PM]

In addition, Google Now will read your texts; which is especially convenient when trying to stay in touch and simultaneously circumvent the blatant danger of texting and driving.

Of course, you can also express your appreciation for all of Google’s hard work. “Thank you, Google” is a more popular option.

Get the Google App here:

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