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It’s becoming increasingly well-known that you no longer need to do your wireless shopping the old fashioned way.  Gone are the days when you need to decide between the big carriers before heading over to the store to pick a phone and a plan, along with the help of the very commission-driven salesman.  It’s no longer necessary to strap yourself to a lengthy 2 or 3 year contract just so you can have the latest device (that you won’t even technically own until that contract is up and the technology is irrelevant).  Wireless customers are beginning to realize they have choices; ones they can control.  Even for those well-informed customers who are already in the loop, what everyone doesn’t know about is one of the Internet’s best kept secrets in the wireless game:       

What is is an online prepaid wireless retailer that offers a variety of phones and prepaid plans at a significantly lower cost than other online outlets. operates as a one-stop-shop where customers can browse different carriers and plans, as well as devices to suit a variety of needs.  They conveniently offer information regarding the different prepaid carriers, saving valuable time for customers by doing the research for them.

As already stated earlier, when it comes to shopping for wireless devices/plans, the control has been given back to the consumer.  Customers looking for a great phone and an affordable plan can now go the prepaid route; they can shop for the device on their own – online – and make an informed decision about their choice between multiple options and carriers.  Shoppers no longer have to choose a plan or a contract, and can simply shop for monthly features that suit their individual needs – with no strings attached. makes this process incredibly easy and convenient. is a user-friendly, clean and clear website that invites customers to shop for prepaid mobile devices by carrier.  Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Sprint Prepaid and Tracfone are among those you will find immediately at the top of the Shopcelldeals homepage.  When you click on a prepaid carrier you will find a variety of devices; ranging from basic smartphones to leading-edge technology (such as the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6).  It would be very difficult to find another place on the Internet that offers devices at a lower cost.  Shopcelldeals absolutely competes when it comes to price; which is primarily what makes the website such a gem.  

What’s the Catch?

One potential concern for wireless customers looking to go prepaid is quality.  Many subscribe to the misconception that a prepaid carrier might mean an inferior network, which is not the case.  All of the prepaid carriers actually operate on the bigger networks, but at a discounted cost.  On, customers will find straightforward information about carriers and plans; customers can shop with confidence knowing that there is no fine print, or catches to be later revealed once a contract is signed.  The customer is truly in the driver’s seat!   


It’s important to note that when you’re shopping for prepaid, devices will only function on the designated prepaid carrier and cannot be used to go back and forth, or to another major carrier.  While this may seem to limit consumer options, it’s still a better option than nailing down to a carrier and a contract, and still giving up the flexibility of taking a device elsewhere.  The devices are inexpensive enough that it would be a better savings to use a prepaid device for a year; then if desired, simply switch to a new device/prepaid carrier once the year is up.  Unlike with a contract, customers don’t need to wait a year or longer.  If they are no longer satisfied with their prepaid device or service, they can simply choose another. is the vehicle where customers can drive their choices and experience the affordable freedom of prepaid wireless service.

Do They Really Offer the Best Deal?

shopcelldeals is truly the best deal when it comes to prepaid wireless devices.  They also offer fast and free shipping – always.  For added convenience, customers can also purchase devices on the shopcelldeals eBay and Amazon stores, as well as read some very positive reviews (shopcelldeals boasts a 98% lifetime positive Amazon feedback rating).  Additionally, shopcelldeals pretty much always has an additional customer discount available.  For example, today there is a code for 10% off a wireless purchase. While the discount may vary, it is almost certain that is always offering some sort of added bonus to their customers.     

In addition to great phones and plans, shopcelldeals has a small accessory store where customers can find great accessory bundles at an insanely low price.  Just to illustrate, the “Power and Sound” accessory bundle comes with an iLuv Portable Speaker, 2200 mAh Portable Charger, Stereo Headset, Stylus, and Patterned cleaning cloth that will run customers $19.99 – significantly lower than its $79 retail value. 

Are They Real People?

Another place where shopcelldeals shines is the staff.  It’s common to believe that with a discount online retailer you will definitely sacrifice customer service.  With, this simply is not the case.  Their response time is pretty quick and the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help.  You can fill out an online contact request and an actual informed representative will respond promptly and efficiently.  They are easy to get a hold of if there are questions or issues; and as their feedback rating shows, the staff of is responsive and committed to customer satisfaction.

You can contact with any questions or concerns here:


While SCD may be the Internet’s best kept secret in wireless shopping, it’s no secret that they are truly dedicated to passing on the great service of the big prepaid carriers at the best discount.  Anyone looking to shop for a wireless device, rather it be a basic smartphone or the latest technology, should definitely check out for all their needs.  Easy navigating, informative pages and (most importantly) low prices make shopcelldeals a definite winner in the wireless industry.

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