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Customers Save $5/Month with Boost Mobile Dealz App

Posted by Terry Richards on

Boost Mobile Customers May Have Found a Way to Save $5 a Month


Boost Mobile customers may have just found a way to save $5 off their plan every month by using a marketing/discount program that was recently rolled out: Boost Dealz.  With Dealz, Boost customers earn a $5 account credit every 30 days just for receiving exclusive offers on their Boost Mobile phone.

What Is It?

Boost Dealz shows customers a full-screen ad after they unlock their phones.  The ads will show up every two or three unlocks, according to Matt Berriman, CEO of Unlockd - the startup that helped Sprint build Boost Dealz.

In exchange for having the app on their phones for a month, users will receive a $5 credit on their account.  The app caps the number of daily ads displayed to about 40 to 50, according to Berriman.  Also, it’s worth noting that on average, the app will download about 120 MB of data per month, he says.  This could have data usage implications that may need to be taken into account for users.

So basically if Boost customers are willing to take a little marketing thrown their way, via their mobile device, they can incorporate a $5 monthly discount on their prepaid phone service.  Their First credit earned after 34 days, then every 30 days subsequently.

How Do You Do It?

To get the perk of Boost Dealz, customers need to install the free Boost Dealz app on their Boost device and it will display special offers regularly when they unlock the lock screen. To earn the $5 credit, customers just need to keep the app running in the background for 30 days. Users can also filter the deal types and choose more specifically what they will see.

The sample Deal on the Boost website shows a free drink at Starbucks for enrolling in their loyalty program.  It seems like some of the deals that come through may actually be of use to users.  Essentially, it’s the digital equivalent of those coupon packs you used to get in the mail.

The Boost's Dealz app is available on select Android™ phones and users can uninstall the app or unsubscribe at any time.


If you’re a Boost Mobile customer who doesn’t find marketing annoying, you’ll likely benefit from the Dealz app.  Of course there is also the chance that marketing will be effective on you, and you’ll end up spending more than the $5 discount with some of the retailers featured on the app.  If you can tolerate and resist the deals themselves, you’re in good shape to save a little off your Boost Mobile plan per month.

Boost Mobile customers can download the app from the Google Play Store here: 

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