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Words with Friends App Review

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Back in 2012, in its peak popularity, Words with Friends was a daily staple in my app collection.  I would have about 5 games going at any given time and enjoyed keeping up with distant friends and relatives in a more interactive way.  Then one day, I just stopped.  I got bored of the app and replaced it with a few others.  Well years later I have decided to give Words another try.  It appears that while the basic idea of the app has remained the same, there have also been a few changes.  If you’re like me, and haven’t played in years, you may want to give Words with Friends another shot.

What is it?

I find it impossible to believe there is anyone on the Internet who isn’t familiar with Words; in case I am wrong, here’s a rundown: Words with Friends is an electronic spin-off of Scrabble.  Players register a login name and the app lets you search for friends (opponents) by name, email address, and now Facebook and Twitter.  The board looks similar to a scrabble board and players take turns building words and collecting points.  There is also a chat function where you can converse with the person with whom you are playing. 

I have noticed there is now a second edition of Words with Friends where users will find a single-player mode called Solo Play.  This popular feature allows players to play without an Internet connection, so players can practice their word skills while they're on an hours-long flight or waiting for friends.  The new version also has Community Match, a feature that allows users to choose an opponent based on the stats on their profile, or even on how good-looking they are in their profile pictures (a smarter way to Internet date, perhaps?).  Or players can also let the app automatically choose a good match for them based on their stats.  While I am sure there are plenty of players who enjoy those, I think I’ll stick to the “classic” version. 

The Good

The Words with Friends app is a great way to keep in touch with people (through the chat) and keep an ongoing connection that you may not otherwise have.  I’ve never had a problem with the app itself; I’ve always found it to work smoothly and without issue. 

The Bad

Back when I used to use the app I rarely encountered ads – and this is no longer the case.  As with any app, they can be irritating.  I still find that if you want to use an app badly enough, they can be overlooked. 


I had retired from Words with Friends previously because I became bored.  As with any addiction, there is always a risk of burnout.  Since I’ve downloaded and started playing again, I think I’ll stay on for a while.  One truth about this app is that it’s likely to stand the test of time.  No matter who you are, or where you live, surely you know somebody willing to start up a game!


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