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The Weather Channel App Review

Posted by Terry Richards on

The Weather Channel provides a great overall scope of any and all weather related issues and information.  New and improved features, such as video streaming, set The Weather Channel app apart from others like it; but to that same end, you just may find that they added too many features and sacrificed the simplicity that used to make it my go-to weather app.  Here I take a look.

What is It?

The Weather channel app is a thorough and comprehensive weather reporting tool that allows users to follow current local weather conditions in real time.  The app features a variety of updates, including video streaming and personalized real time weather updates and alerts.

The Good


The Weather Channel app packs a nice variety of weather resources.  Weather can be monitored via a host of tools such as the detailed storm tracking feature that shows where storms will be, as well as the travel maps that identify future weather conditions on your driving route. If you are at all familiar with The Weather Channel in general then I think you’ll find that the app is a pretty standard extension, offering 10-day, daily, and hourly forecasts.  The app comes complete with rain alerts, ski alerts, lightning and severe weather alerts and even pollen alerts.  Probably what I find to be the most useful with The Weather Channel app are the radar maps.  Instant access to real time radar is immensely useful when planning any outdoor activities, especially for the entire family. 


Users of The Weather Channel app can also watch “The Lift,” a 6-minute show that’s exclusive to The Weather Channel.  Users can join Al Roker, Domenica Davis, and Ari Sarsalari as they cover breaking weather, cool science, and amazing nature clips.  (This feature is available on the home screen weekdays from 6-11 a.m.) 

In addition to all the usual basics, The Weather Channel app also has some pretty neat additional tools.  As already mentioned, it comes with a built-in video streaming tool that not only features content from the television channel (see above), but also gives users access to various weather-related news stories worldwide.  Weather forecasts also come with an instant sharing option that can be used to send images of weather reporting directly to social media friends.


The Bad


The Weather Channel app seems to feel a little loaded down, which may be a result of all the recent updates/additions.  Despite receiving performance enhancements in the latest update, users continue to complain about the app being slow and/or crashing during use.  That said, developers seem pretty quick to respond to feedback on the app site so maybe the updates will eventually catch up.




While the comprehensive reporting and complete weather analysis make this app an attractive one, poor usability and cluttered processing may cause you to look around for something different (for example, AccuWeather).  If you find yourself in need of detailed and fun weather reporting, and you don’t mind that developers can’t seem to always stay ahead of the update kinks, you still may find that The Weather Channel gives you just what you’re looking for.

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