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Skype App Review

Posted by Terry Richards on

I love Skype.  As someone who lives far away from my friends and family, it’s proven to be a definite staple when it comes to keeping in touch.  That being said, I hadn’t given much thought about the Skype app until recently, when I decided to start using a Skype number subscription as a way to keep in touch on the phone.  If you’re a pretty moderate to heavy user of Skype and you haven’t checked out the app yet, you might want to do so.

What is it?

In case there is anyone who doesn’t already know, Skype is a videoconferencing tool.  If you’ve used Skype to videoconference on a PC or laptop (everyone has, right?) then you’ll find that the app functions as an extension of the web-based version.  Rather than use your webcam, the Skype app uses the front facing camera on your phone in order to have virtual face-to-face chats with other Skype users.  If you have an account already set up, then you’ll find that there’s a very smooth transition from the web-based platform to the app. 

For me – the Skype app also serves as my overseas phone, which has been quite the game-changer when it comes to staying in touch when I’m out of the country.  Skype account holders can create a “Skype number” and use it to call any number in the country in which the number is created.  International calling is also available at an additional cost.  With the Skype app, even when my phone is only operational on a Wi-Fi connection it’s still able to keep me in touch with everyone at “home”.  The Skype app also allows users to pay a small fee to connect from any Hotspot – making your phone fully functional even if it’s not hooked up to a carrier. 

In addition, Skype has an IM tool that has pretty much replaced FB messenger for me.  Because I’m constantly on Skype, and the app immediately notifies me when I have an IM.  I find it to be a very easy and convenient way to send quick IMs and keep in touch that way. 

How Well Does it Work?

The Skype app doesn’t leave me asking for much more.  The video calling connection is usually pretty clear and crisp.  When it comes to phone calls it works perfectly as long as I have a solid Wi-Fi or Hotspot connection.  Most of my friends/family members also have Skype accounts; which means that the Skype app has become a primary way of keeping in touch. 

Does it Have Issues?

As with any app, Skype does have some occasional connectivity issues.  I usually find that if the connection is not clear then the issue can be resolved by disconnecting and starting the call over.  Skype also seems to have a pretty solid reporting tool and it seems to me they are constantly working on ways to improve connectivity for its users.



 Anyone who already uses Skype regularly, or even occasionally, might want to go ahead and download the app and start using Skype on the go.  The connection is pretty clear and it’s a great way to keep in touch via videoconferencing, IM or even by calling through the Skype number platform.  For me, it’s my go-to for keeping in touch at a low rate from a far distance.  It definitely helps to keep you closer to “home”!

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