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Open Table App Review

Posted by Terry Richards on

Is it possible that there are any avid restaurant-goers who haven’t yet taken advantage of Open Table?  If you haven’t, here’s what it is: Open Table is a well-established web-based service that allows users to find restaurants and make reservations all over the world.  Since 2008 there’s also been an app, and it’s a pretty good one.  Here I take a look at the highlights of Open Table, as well as some of the areas for potential improvement.

What Does It Do?


Open Table is an app where you can find, explore, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations free of charge and on the spot.  The app helps users find new spots to eat; as well as view menus, read reviews, and check out photos.  Users of Open Table can also earn reward points that can be used towards future restaurant visits.  Basically, it takes away the sometimes daunting and anxiety-ridden phone call out of the restaurant reservation process.  An added bonus of the app is that it will also conveniently add your reservation to your Google calendar.

How Well Does it Work?

Open table seems to be pretty good at showing me where restaurants are located, what’s on the menu, available reviews and what times I can make a reservation.  It’s very useful for out of town travel or last minute plans, especially if you’re not quite sure what you want to eat; or where there would be… well, an open table.  It’s great for trying something new and it’s definitely more convenient than calling around.   I also like the points feature for loyal users, which lets you accumulate credit towards future discounts.  While in the past I’ve used Google to scout out restaurant options, I feel this is a more comprehensive search.  The app is seemingly an adventurous foodie lover’s dream.

Are There Issues?

While I can’t speak firsthand, some reviews complain about restaurants not interacting to the service; and therefore never making record of the reservation.  I’ve used both the app and the web-based Open Table and never experienced this issue.  However, a couple times I have had to take a follow up call if the restaurant needed more info about my reservation – so it’s not a guarantee you’ll skip the social anxiety of the phone.  As far as the app itself, it doesn’t seem to be too buggy.  While there have been complaints about the location settings, I didn’t notice an issue there.   


So long as the restaurants are keeping track of the reservations coming in through Open Table, I see no problems with this app overall.  It’s quick, easy and convenient to make plans in advance or last minute, and is available to use all over the world.  I’ll probably keep Open Table, to encourage me to branch out on occasion.  I also appreciate saving research time when trying to decide on a new restaurant.  If you like restaurants, and tend to make last-minute decisions, this app is definitely worth a try! 

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