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Like That Garden – Flower Search App Review

Posted by Terry Richards on

Have you ever encountered a really beautiful flower and wanted to know the name of it?  Maybe you even have little information about flowers growing in your very own yard, and you need to know if your plants/flowers are toxic to children or animals.  Like That Garden – Flower Search is a great app that helps users identify different flowers and provides information about what they see.  Take a look at the app’s info and decide for yourself if it’s something you might be interested in using.

What is It?

Like That Garden – Flower search is an app that lets users discover and study thousands of flowers and plants using image recognition technology.  Using built-in visual search technology, users can hold up their device and snap a picture to learn more about the flower in front of them via high resolution photos and detailed species name and descriptions.  The app also provides potentially helpful information about the flower(s).   The app seems geared towards gardeners, teachers, explorers, landscape architects, hikers, and really anyone that loves the outdoors and learning more about what they see.

How Well Does it Work?

I found the app to work relatively well.  Like That Garden – Flower Search is quick to scan and identify pictures on the user’s mobile device and provide additional information about the flower.  It should go without saying that you do need to take a pretty clear picture of the flower in order to get the app to identify possible matches.  Once you’re able to narrow down which plant/flower you’re dealing with, you can find out important information about the plant.  The app can be used to determine whether or not the plant should be in the sun or shade, as well as toxicity to children/animals. 


One issue is that sometimes the app gives several choices, instead of identifying an exact flower match.  This could make it difficult to narrow down what it is you’re looking at if there are several similar looking flowers out there.  The app isn’t perfect all the time, and really does require a good, clear picture in order to function.  I also get the impression that some of the “identified plants” are based on user input, which definitely leaves a margin for error. 


If you’re someone who likes to explore flowery places, or you have a nice garden of your own and would like to keep up with information about what’s in it, this app may be good for you.  I think it would be especially useful if you’re already pretty aware of what flowers you have, but you’d like a convenient place to quickly turn for useful information you may need.  As for the identifying feature, it does work and it is neat, but I don’t think it’s 100% and for that reason users do need to take the app with a bit of a grain of salt.  Overall, if you like flowers, plants and information about them then you may want to go ahead and check it out.

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