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LG Tribute 5 Review for Boost Mobile

Posted by Terry Richards on

Looking for a smartphone?  Are you on a serious budget?  Do you love taking selfies?  The LG Tribute 5 for Boost Mobile might just be the option for you.   This feature-packed Android device is available for a ridiculously low price (under 100 bucks on and is a really smart option for anyone in the market for an affordable entry-level mobile device that runs Android 5.1 Lollipop.

The Look


The Tribute 5 has a 5 in. IPS touchscreen display, up from the previous Tribute 2 (there is no 3 and 4) and it looks pretty sleek.  The resolution is nothing to write home about for a 5 in. screen (480 x 854); but if you’re not too concerned about this than it shouldn’t be an issue.  I always keep in mind that these entry-level, cost-effective devices have to cut their corners somewhere and it’s really all about deciding where the user wants to make the sacrifice. 

The Features

The Tribute 5 has QuickMemo+, where you can write or draw on nearly any screen, and schedule memos to appear at certain times using calendar inputs.  It also has Knock Code, which lets you create a 3 to 8-point tapping pattern (more than 86,000 possible combinations) for superior security and direct access to the home screen.  You can also double tap the screen with Knock On™ in order to put the phone to sleep; you can then wake it without picking it up or pressing the power/lock key.

The Camera


The features are pretty marginal and I truly believe this phone was rolled out to appeal to the selfie fanatic.  The handset has a 5 MP rear camera, as well as a 5 MP front-facing camera.  It also has “Gesture Shot”; where you can place your open hand in front of the camera, make a fist, then open and close your hand twice to take the picture.  Plus, the Tribute 5 has a front-facing flash (selfie light) that softens your selfie and improves the look.  The selfie light means the Screen will illuminate a soft light around the photo preview for well-lit selfies. 

The Drawbacks

With its quad-core, 1.1 GHz Snapdragon 210 processor, the Tribute 5 certainly isn’t the most powerful thing out there.  And as I already mentioned, the resolution is somewhat lacking for such a large screen.  Still, I think that with these entry-level guys you really can’t expect too much.  It’s clear to see they’ve really focused on the selfie camera for this particular device so I’m lead to believe it’s probably designed with teenagers or very light app users in mind. 


The Tribute 5 is okay.  It looks nice and functions well.  It definitely won’t hold up for heavy app users but it will certainly get the job done if you use your phone to make calls, send texts and shoot/upload pics.  For less than 100 bucks I think the Tribute 5 delivers a little higher than what I would expect.

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