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Foodspotting App Review

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Foodspotting is a widely-used app that’s been around for quite some time; essentially to perpetuate (and celebrate!) taking pictures of your food.  I took a look at the app and decided if it would be something I would continue to use all the time.  While I’m not positive I’ll be contributing to the app on a regular basis (I pride myself on not being “that person” photographing my food in the restaurant), it is pretty useful if I want to find something in my immediate area - or if I’m out of town -  that appears delicious to eat.  Take a look:


What does it do?  


Foodspotting is quite simply, a visual guide to food.  Unlike Yelp, you aren’t as likely to find wordy reviews about the restaurant service, look, etc. because it’s really just about the food itself.  You’ll find pictures of food all around the world, as well as recommendations from fellow “Foodspotters” and, of course, foodie experts.  If you want to know where to find the best <insert whatever you’re craving here>, this app should help.  If nothing else, it can point you in the right direction and show you pictures to give you an idea of what you really want to eat.  Maybe once you see pictures you’ll realize you weren’t really in a curry mood after all.  

Since Foodspotting launched in 2010, over 4 million dishes have been “spotted” around the world and continue to show up in the foodie network.  An interesting note about Foodspotting: negative ratings aren’t allowed.  You will only see food that people loved!  There is probably something to be said for the mandatory positivity and its effect on your taste buds.


Is it Useful? 


As Amy Schumer has said, Foodspotting is "like tinder but for food."  If you are not sure what you are looking for, you can swipe through a few pictures to get an idea of what you might like for a particular meal.  The app is very useful for finding restaurants with dishes that look appetizing; as well as for sharing and even cataloging favorite meals and restaurants in a specific geographic area.  Foodspotting is also very easy to use.  It’s not complicated at all to browse and find restaurants wherever you go, as well as contribute to the network by uploading your own food pics!


Is It For You? 


I don’t know about you, but when I’m browsing the web looking for a place to eat I am 99% more likely to go to a restaurant with pictures on the menu.  Even then, I realize the pictures are likely of the professional variety and taken solely for the purpose of luring my hungry self into the door.  Well, with this app I can see user pictures, which means that it’s likely that I’m looking at exactly what my food will look like too.  This leaves little room for disappointment in this department.


I can also count on the “Foodspotters” network to provide honest opinions.  Will they necessarily match mine?  Of course not.  But, for those who have a tough time deciding exactly what they want and where to go you might just find that this app will help you out; and lead you to deliciousness that you may not have discovered otherwise.


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