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Do You Bitmoji?

Posted by Terry Richards on

To be quite honest, I hadn’t even seen a “Bitstrip” since they first overtook my Facebook feed a while ago, in the form of cute cartoons depicting cartoon images that somewhat accurately resembled many of my Facebook friends.  Once that initial novelty-driven (for me) phase ended I hadn’t really given Bitstrips another thought.  I simply went on living my online life with the use of Emoji and the occasional Facebook sticker to convey my feelings in a more illustrative fashion. 

Until now. 

Enter “Bitmoji”, the super fun app that allows you to assign feelings and situations to your personalized Bitstrip avatar and subsequently share them with friends in all your chat apps.  If you don’t have an existing Bitstrip avatar - no problem - you can create one within the Bitmoji app itself.  The Android version also includes a shortcut in the major chat apps, making it pretty easy to quickly share Bitmoji with friends.  Here I take a look at Bitmoji and, reluctantly, admit that it’s likely these will become a permanent fixture in my app chats going forward.  If you think that sounds absurd, watch the demo video here; I dare you not to laugh.

What is it?


If you don’t already have a Bitstrips avatar, fear not.  The first step you will find is that Bitmoji takes you through a straightforward process for creating a new one; offering features like face shape, hairstyle, skin tone, eye color, nose type, and outfit.  It’s not terribly difficult to create a pretty accurate cartoon version of yourself – at least one that your friends/chat companions will likely realize is you.   After your avatar is created then the app assigns a variety of moods and situations, sure to end up appropriately in some future messaging context. (Okay, “sure” might be a stretch.  But many of them will)  When you use a chatting or social app that supports emoticons, a floating Bitmoji head appears at the top of the chatting window where you can open the menu and select the one you want to use.  Bitmoji updates also keep up with holidays and current events, making it even more fun to use.

Are There Issues?

While it’s still new and interesting to me, it’s possible that down the road it will need a bigger variety of personalization features.  There is a limited selection of clothing and to be honest, none really accurately grab my actual style.  I’m not saying I’m so unique, I’m saying the styles are a bit generic.  Still, I feel like the developers are open to suggestions and maybe this is something that will be addressed in a future update.


This app is cool.  I feel like it’s a step up from plain Emoji or the stickers found in Facebook chat.  The way Bitmoji gives a personal feel to my expressive illustrations appeals to my vanity; and after some moderate usage, Bitmoji continues to amuse me as well as those I chat with.  It makes me appear quirky and cute.  It gets my feelings/moods/situations across in a way that, sometimes, I just don’t feel like articulating in writing.  I find it to be creative, useful and overall playful in a way that embraces the same youthful nature that finds me texting and messaging in the first place.  If you use messaging apps to begin with then there’s really no harm in embracing the Bitmoji.  You might find you express yourself better than you could otherwise!   


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