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GasBuddy Android App Review by SCD

Posted by Terry Richards on

Ever wonder if you’re getting hosed at the gas station? (Terrible pun intended.)  Or maybe you’ve realized once you’ve filled up your tank that gas is 20 cents cheaper just down the street.  Well thanks to the clever and useful app “GasBuddy” your mobile device can point you to the cheapest gas around you, instantly.  Here I take a look at the functionality and features of the app and ultimately decide if it’s a real money saver and worth the space on my wireless device.

Gas Buddy App Review

How Does It Work?

The GasBuddy app relies on its users to submit pricing information for gas stations all over the country (and it works in Canada too).  It allows you to find the cheapest gas using your location; or alternatively you can search for the cheapest station by city or zip code.  You can also report gas prices and earn points within the app for doing so.  The app offers a chance to win $100 worth of gas daily; which gives it a bit of an addictive game-like element. 

The Good

The primary benefit of the GasBuddy app is obvious – everyone loves to save money.  If the app is able to help its users find a cheaper way to fill up their tank - within a one mile radius of their location - then I consider it pretty useful.  10 cents a gallon is a pretty sizeable savings when you’re filling up a 13 gallon tank once or twice a week.  Even if you fill up once a week and save a buck per visit, $48/year is certainly better than nothing; and therefore the app pays for itself - especially because it’s free.

The Bad

As with all free aps, GasBuddy has ads – lots of them.  And yes, ads can be incredibly annoying.  Sure you inadvertently click on things from time to time and it’s a nuisance.  But if I find the app useful enough then I can deal with it.  It didn’t bother me too much here.  At the end of the day GasBuddy is there to save you a buck and to me that’s worth the inconvenience of the ads.  

One reviewer on the app store also mentioned that it would be more helpful if the app told you directionally if gas was behind or in front of you, which does make sense.  If you’re on a road trip and need to fuel up then you definitely would need to know if you just passed the only gas station for miles.  For everyday use I don’t see this to be a big deal.


Is GasBuddy worth the memory space on your mobile device?  I think so.  I used to Google where to find the cheapest gas in my city so for me it’s not much of a stretch to say I’ll use this regularly.  If you can overlook annoying ads and saving money on gas is a priority for you then I definitely think it’s worth checking out!

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