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Samsung Galaxy J3 Review for Boost Mobile

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Samsung knows smartphones; or at least knows how to continuously unleash new desirable models on consumers.  The Galaxy J3 is yet another shining example of how a sleek look, good quality and surprising affordability continue to make Samsung a leader in the wireless game.  Here we'll take a look at the device and some of the best features that make the Galaxy J3 a pretty easy choice for Boost Mobile customers.

The Look

The J3 looks nice.  With a vibrant 5” Super AMOLED display, the J3 is right up there with the top-notch higher-end players in appearance.   There is arguably nothing negative to say (or areas to improve) when it comes to how this phone looks.  It’s big, sure, but that’s just what we’re dealing with now when it comes to smartphones; and everyone I know who has bit the bullet for a larger screen has never looked back. 

The Memory

The memory might just be where the J3 truly shines.  You get 16 GB to start (not a huge amount) but there’s an expandable micro SD option which is always a plus in my book.  If you tend to clutter your camera - er, I mean phone - with photos (like I do) then you’ll find it handy to have the option to fill up multiple micro SD cards instead.  Then later you can tuck said memory cards away in a drawer never to be found again.  But hey, at least you’re able to keep space on your phone for the more important stuff, like apps.

The Price

For a pretty comprehensive device that can hang with the big boys, the Galaxy J3 is a steal.  On the J3 is less than $150 - which is pretty tough to beat.  To have a quality smartphone that runs Android Lollipop, takes decent pictures and keeps you connected for that price truly is a modern convenience that I can fully support.

The Shortcomings

Really my biggest complaint about the J3 is the camera.  You get 2 MP on the front (not too bad for selfies) and 5 on the rear.  I feel like 8 MP for the rear camera should be the standard these days given that phone and camera are practically synonymous now.  Still, you get what you pay for in this department and 5 MP isn’t horrible; it should get the job done for all your casual shooting needs.   If you’re coming from Apple products, and want perspective, the iPhone 4 had a 5 MP rear camera.

The battery can also be an issue with the J3 – but that’s all smartphones now.  Keeping a charger in your car, at work or in your bag is a pretty common workaround that is almost vital nowadays if you use your phone constantly, as many of us do.



At the end of the day, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is an excellent choice.  Boost Mobile gives you good network coverage at a great price.  This phone will keep up with the average user’s wireless needs and the sleek and modern design is very pleasing to the eye.  It’s definitely worth checking out.


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