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Periscope App Review

Posted by Terry Richards on

Periscope by Twitter App for Android

Mainstream streaming (not the prettiest pair of words) has definitely arrived; and from the looks of things, the concept is likely here to stay.  If you’re into watching video streams from all over the world, or creating your own for the world to see, then you may want to take a look at Periscope for your Android device.  

What is it?

If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s a Twitter-based app for your smartphone that lets you search for and watch video streams, as well as broadcast your own live videos to the world.  Once you go “live” within the app (you have a private sharing option as well) Periscope will instantly notify your followers who can then join the stream, comment and send you “hearts” (their equivalent of likes or faves) in real time.  The more interaction with your streams (and hearts) the more likely they’ll be seen by others.  This is great for celebrities; as well as those who are itching for their 15 minutes of Internet fame.  

Periscope Live Streaming

Is it live?

Well, not exactly.  Unlike other streaming apps, Periscope allows replaying of previously recorded videos.  (Am I still even allowed to use the word “streaming” then?)  When your broadcast is over you can make it available for replay so viewers can watch later. Viewers can replay your broadcast with comments and hearts to relive the full experience, as if it were actually live.  This option is good for 24 hours and you can delete your replay at any time.

Keyvon Beykpour, Periscope’s co-founder, doesn’t describe Periscope as a live streaming app.

“We think we’re building a teleportation product,” he says. 

When asked more about whether or not this would keep Periscope competitive among streaming enthusiasts he said:

“The true test for us has been does it decrease the percentage of people who watch live, and the answer I think is no.  If you’re watching live, given how low latency the product is, you can change what’s happening.”

In other words, there is still incentive to watch a live stream – meaning you can actually weigh in, in real time, and possibly change the future and affect the outcome of the video.

Is there a point to this app if every video isn’t actually live?  Sure, I think so.  Ask YouTube.  There is no shortage of smartphone users in the world who are willing to sit through a video that isn’t happening right then and there.  I think it’s a nice compromise between the two concepts.

Periscope App for Android

How does it perform?

Well, it's professional-looking, user-friendly, and has worked to quickly introduce critical new features, such as limiting comments to followers (kind of a big deal) and highlighting Periscope feeds from your friends.  It works hard to keep the world interacting together.


If you are already an active Twitter user, and are into streaming, then I imagine you’ll find this app useful and perhaps even a bit addicting.  Personally the addiction-factor is a slippery slope, as is my vain desire to become famous for being caught doing something awesome on video.  If you can control how much of your life you spend on your phone, then I would say download this one and give it a try!

Download this app on the Google Play store:


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