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Triple Minutes with TracFone: How Does it Work?

Posted by Terry Richards on

Tracfone Triple Minutes - How Does It Work?

If you’ve been in the market for a TracFone, have you ever wondered what they mean by “Triple Minutes for Life”?   Here at we’ll break it down for you.

The way Tracfone prepaid service works is simple: you buy airtime cards that come with certain amounts of minutes, for example 60, 120, 200, etc.  When you add the airtime card to your phone with Double Minutes, you will get twice the number of minutes. If you have Triple Minutes, you get three times the number of minutes.

For example, if you add a 200 minute card to your Triple Minute phone, you will get 600 minutes total (200 minutes plus 400 bonus minutes).  If you also have a promotional code the number of minutes could be even higher.  

Smartphone usage changes the game, just a little.  What is done with a smartphone is a split up between the Talk/Text/Data into three different pools.  That said, all TracFone smartphones come with Triple Minutes, so in the end, you’ll end up getting 3x Talk minutes, 3x Data and 3x Texts.

Now – what does it mean to have triple minutes for life?

“Triple Minutes for Life” with TracFone simply means that when you buy a phone with this option, any time you buy a regular airtime card, the phone will triple those minutes.

One area to look out for in the Terms of Conditions is here:

"Any minutes included with a Double or Triple Minute Airtime Card will not double or triple."

Therefore, a TracFone user should only buy a designated double or triple minute airtime card if their phone does not already include double or triple minutes.

In the end, for calling and text options it would be very difficult to beat the deal that you’ll find with a TracFone that offers triple minutes for life.  Even when you add Internet usage, TracFone triple minutes for life is a great deal for moderate to high smartphone usage.

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