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HTC Desire 626s for Virgin Mobile

Posted by Terry Richards on

It’s still amazing to me how these days smartphones are neither $500 a pop, nor tied to an expensive “the wireless company owns me” contract.  With that being said, the HTC Desire 626s for Virgin Mobile proves, yet again, that your mobile device doesn’t have to be expensive to be pretty good quality and doesn’t have to appeal to only those users who embrace commitment.  Here, at, we take a detailed look at the HTC Desire 626s and show the best features and the biggest potential sacrifice(s).   

The Good

The Look

The HTC Desire 626s is sleek, large and sharp.  The phone isn’t so small, measuring in at a 5 inch LCD display.  With a 720p screen on the Desire the resolution is pretty good.  The colors “pop” and the darks look as they should. 


If you’re like the rest of the population that has ditched the camera in favor of your mobile device, the Desire 626s shouldn’t disappoint in this area.  With an 8 MP main camera and a 2 MP front camera you’re going to see decent resolution from either side, though the front-facing is a little lower than some selfie fanatics would like.  You can also capture moving HD images with built-in editing and sharing tools, as well as combine results for multiple-angle views.  

The Speakers

The front-facing “BoomSound” speakers on the Desire 626s, that come packed with phenomenal sound and clarity for a smartphone, are perhaps one of its most unique and valuable features.  If, like me, you use your phone for not only a camera but also a music-playing device, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how you don’t really need a separate speaker to just throw this phone on the counter to listen to music while you cook. 

The Performance

The 626s is powered by a 1.1GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor.  If you’re not really into specs that might not seem like a big deal; but if you know your way around the technical stuff then you’ll realize that this is pretty impressive for a mid-range device. 

Call Quality

I find the Desire 626s to perform better than expected in call quality, though to be honest I don’t actually talk on my phone nearly as much as I do other things.    


Battery Life

It’s hard to find good battery life nowadays and the Desire 626s holds true here.  On one hand, I realize I can’t expect to do all the things I want to do on my phone throughout the day and still maintain battery power.  If you use your phone moderately to excessively then just bring a charger to work/in the car and you should be okay.

Internal Storage

For someone who blew through all 16 GB of their previous iPhone – just in photos – an 8 GB limitation seems a little low.  You have mini SD options here though, which in my case with the excessive photo taking, should solve the issue.  If you’re a heavy app user though (I’m not) then you may want to pass.


At the end of the day, with its impressive, cost-effective design, crisp display, loud and clear front-facing stereo speakers, customized real-time info feeds, and a quad-core processor, the HTC Desire 626s is a pretty good value smartphone on the market today.  The Desire 626s is a true “mid-range” model (remember, you get what you pay for) that should not fail to deliver what you expect without sacrificing too much or breaking the bank. 

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