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SuperPhoto Android App Review

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SuperPhoto Android App Review 
SuperPhoto by Moonlighting is a photo filter and editing app that works natively in your Android device without the need of Internet and lets you apply new filters to your photos in any resolution.  SuperPhoto also provides advanced preview; and with the choices in prompts the app makes it incredibly easy to share your newly edited photos on social media and with friends.

SuperPhoto Cropping

While some of the filters may seem a little silly and unnecessary, this app includes many more filters than you'll find in most of the other photo apps out there.  Also, cropping of photos is done in a unique way to make the final product appear a bit more artistic.  The interface is relatively intuitive with touch screen functionality and drop-down menus, and you can easily move from one area of the app to another.

On the download page, SuperPhoto boasts its unique, outstanding effects that you won’t find with other photo filtering products.  There are 208 unlocked effects which you can use for free, and you can unlock the rest (1300+) via in-app purchases.  Unlocking the full version removes ads and allows unlimited resolution and full HD functionality.  While the free version does have many filtering options, If you are a heavy user of photo filtering/editing then it would be worth it to bypass the free trial version and potential upsells of individual effects and go ahead and spring for the full paid version that will streamline use without the annoying ads and in-app purchase prompts. 

SuperPhoto Android Effects

With SuperPhoto you can edit and enhance your gallery, camera & Facebook photos.  The app categories include filters, 3D, combos, bokeh, frames, textures, patterns, and brushes.  There is also a “favorites” bookmark that allows you to easily find your previously edited photos.  A desirable feature among users of SuperPhoto is the “painting” filter, which transforms photos to paintings.  A few of the other unique and easy-to-use filters are black and white pencil, hard blur, cartoonize, old photo, filmstrip and puzzle.  With the use of full HD, users can edit high resolution photos and potentially send them from their phone to be printed out for display. 

While the latest version allows for the photo editing work to be done without being connected, for sharing purposes - especially if you’re working with larger photo files - it’s helpful to have a strong Internet connection from your Android device.  New filter options and bug fixes are also added regularly via the app updates. 

Overall, compared to other similar photo filter and editing apps, if choices and variety are a priority then it’s difficult to compete with the full version of SuperPhoto.  The ease of use and selections for saving also make it relatively simple to edit and share photos, making every Android user an artist.  With the newest version of SuperPhoto, bugs have been removed and the app is functioning more smoothly than its previous version.  In addition, Moonlighting has responsive customer service and openly encourages feedback from users to take into account for updated versions. 

Download the app from Google Play here:


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