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Piktures Android App Review

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Since Google gave the AOSP Gallery app a boot with Android 5.0, and replaced it with the barely functional and highly confusing Photos app, more Android users have looked to third-party gallery apps to organize and track their photos.  A favorite among users, for its beautiful design and ease of use, is Piktures Gallery Photo & Video.

Branded and marketed by its creators Diune as a “gesture-based” gallery app, Piktures Gallery Photo & Video is an intuitive, stylish and classy photo gallery app that lets users organize their photos with style and ease.  If you are a heavy camera user, and you find the basic Andriod Photos app to be a mess, you may want to check out Piktures to organize your pics - all you need to do in order to use the app is swipe and slide.

Within the quick and user-friendly interface of the app, photos from albums - which are accessible through a simple swipe to the left - are arranged in a scrollable grid view for selection and use.  A dedicated button also slickly arranges your photos and videos in a calendar view.   If you tap to the right you will find some additional sorting filters like file type and location.

With Piktures you can resize photos, allowing you to downsize larger picture files if needed.  Piktures also allows you to set photos as wallpapers; as well as sort by cities, which is convenient for vacation/travel pictures.  Piktures allows you direct access to your camera apps, and is also optimized for larger tablet screens.  The “All Album” feature lets you view all the pictures on your phone (regardless of the app used to take them) in one aggregated album. 

Piktures also offers a few social media sharing features, which let you share pictures via messages and social networks.  There is also a most used shared option, as well as multiple choices to resize photos before sending (VGA, HD, Full-size).  Piktures allows the ability to remove GPS coordinates before sharing to Social networks, which is helpful when forgetting to turn off the location features of various photo-shooting apps.

Overall, when it comes to photo organization/gallery apps, because of its simple design and various organizational features, Piktures is highly rated among Andriod users.  Piktures is a free app and definitely worth looking into if you have the popular issue with Android’s current situation and photo organization is a priority. 

Download the app from Google Play here:



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